The internet is our main source for information about new and interesting plants, as well as new information about all the old standbys. Here is a list of some of our favorite plant and gardening websites. To demonstrate the different types of information you can find on them, we have included sample links to each site showing how each one describes the same plant (Callicarpa americana, or American Beautyberry).

Please check back often - and feel free to send us suggestions if we don't list a site you just can't live without!

Reference Websites
Dave's Garden - full of details, photos, and comments from everyday gardeners [sample]
Floridata - another huge collection of articles and plant information
GardenWeb - probably the largest gardening community forum on the internet [sample]
Missouri Botanical Garden - a wealth of plant information [sample]
North Carolina State University - NC State's urban horticulture website
TVA Native Plant Selector - from the Tennessee Valley Authority
USDA PLANTS Database - from the U.S. Department of Agriculture [sample]

More coming soon!

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